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Tamar Even-Kesef
Owner & Studio Manager

Tamar was first exposed to the Pilates method in 1992 when she studied under the direction of Elizabeth Larkam, manager of the Pilates program at the Center of Sports Medicine in San-Francisco.

Tamar was a modern and classical professional dancer for over 20 years in the USA and Israel. She started to specialize in the Pilates method while dancing in New-York, as for years this method was the secret behind the success of many leading and well-known dancers, such as George Balanchine and Martha Graham.

Thanks to Tamar's use of Pilates during exhausting dance training and performances, she experienced significant improvement in her movement, centering and a tremendous sense of balance.

Tamar was trained as a Pilates teacher in New-York by Brent Anderson, considered one of the world’s top Pilates teachers. In 1993 she started to teach classical and modern dance in San-Francisco. In 2000 Tamar begun teaching Pilates in New-York and later in Israel and in 2004 she opened her Pilates studio in Tel-Aviv. During these years, Tamar continued to study and specialize in the arts of movement in New-York, San-Francisco, Stuttgart and Tel-Aviv. Graduated a course of Posture Anatomy and Kinesiology, under the direction of Dr. Gil Zolberg.

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